Euripides, Helen (Musings on Misfortune)

“It is a difficult thing to focus on one chance and be abused by the gods, but one must bear it all the same.”

ὅστις μὲν οὖν ἐς μίαν ἀποβλέπων τύχην
πρὸς θεῶν κακοῦται, βαρὺ μέν, οἰστέον δ᾽ ὅμως

“Whenever a man of lofty circumstances fares poorly, he falls harder upon this unaccustomed ground than a man long tried by misfortune.”

…ὅταν δ᾽ ἀνὴρ
πράξῃ κακῶς ὑψηλός, εἰς ἀηθίαν
πίπτει κακίω τοῦ πάλαι δυσδαίμονος.

“Old Woman: Why do you cover your eyes in tears? To whom do you direct your grief?
Menelaus: To my former happy days.”
Γραῦς: τί βλέφαρα τέγγεις δάκρυσι; πρὸς τίν᾽ οἰκτρὸς εἶ;
Μενελέως: πρὸς τὰς πάροιθεν συμφορὰς εὐδαίμονας.

“Old Woman: Many people suffer misfortune, not just you alone.”
Γραῦς: πολλοὶ κακῶς πράσσουσιν, οὐ σὺ δὴ μόνος.

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