Lucan, Pharsalia 1.125-6

“Nor by this time could Caesar tolerate a superior, nor Pompey an equal.”


Nec quemquam iam ferre potest Caesarve priorem

Pompeiusve parem.


A similar sentiment is expressed by Suetonius in his Life of Caesar (section 29):


Caesar, disturbed by these things and considering (as people frequently claim to have heard from him) that it would be more difficult to force him from first place to second than from second to last, resisted with all his power.

Commotus his Caesar ac iudicans, quod saepe ex eo auditum ferunt, difficilius se principem civitatis a primo ordine in secundum quam ex secundo in novissimum detrudi, summa ope restitit

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