A Safeguard Against Grief

Anacreonta 56

“The one who strengthens someone in pain,
Who comforts a young one in love,
Who makes the dancer beautiful over drinks,
That god has descended to the ground,
Offering a calming lovespell for mortals,
A medicine against grief,
The vine’s child, wine.

He is guarding it safe,
Within the vines’ bunches of grapes,
So, whenever they cut the fruit,
Everyone remains free of sickness,
Healthy with shining skin
And a sweet-hearted mind,
Until the passing of another year.”

ὁ τὸν ἐν πόνοις ἀτειρῆ,
νέον ἐν πόθοις ἀταρβῆ,
καλὸν ἐν πότοις χορευτὴν
τελέων θεὸς κατῆλθε,
ἁπαλὸν βροτοῖσι φίλτρον,
πότον ἄστονον κομίζων,
γόνον ἀμπέλου, τὸν οἶνον,
ἐπὶ κλημάτων ὀπώραις
πεπεδημένον φυλάττων,
ἵν᾿, ὅταν τέμωσι βότρυν,
ἄνοσοι μένωσι πάντες,
ἄνοσοι δέμας θεητόν,
ἄνοσοι γλυκύν τε θυμὸν
ἐς ἔτους φανέντος ἄλλου.

still life oil painting. striped table cloth, plate with pears, wine jug and glass.
Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli, “Still Life with Food and Wine” 1874

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