Poor, Enduring Odysseus

Euripides, Cyclops 375-381

Odysseus: “Zeus! What can I say when I have witnessed awful things,
Terrible things inside this cave, the kinds of things mortals only see in myths?!”

Chorus: What’s up, Odysseus? Is it really true that the most
Unholy Kyklops has gobbled up your dear companions?

Odysseus: Oh, he saw two of them and weighed them in his hands,
Taking those who were the fattest!

Chorus: Oh, my poor dude, how have you endured these things!?”


ὦ Ζεῦ, τί λέξω, δείν᾿ ἰδὼν ἄντρων ἔσω
κοὐ πιστά, μύθοις εἰκότ᾿ οὐδ᾿ ἔργοις βροτῶν;

τί δ᾿ ἔστ᾿, Ὀδυσσεῦ; μῶν τεθοίναται σέθεν
φίλους ἑταίρους ἀνοσιώτατος Κύκλωψ;

δισσούς γ᾿ ἀθρήσας κἀπιβαστάσας χεροῖν,

οἳ σαρκὸς εἶχον εὐτραφέστατον πάχος.
πῶς, ὦ ταλαίπωρ᾿, ἦτε πάσχοντες τάδε;

Odysseus Hands the Cyclops Polyphemus a Bowl of Wine. The cyclops has three eyes abd is holding a dismembered ram. This is a wall mosaic
Villa Romana del Casale, Piazza Armerina, Italy

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