This World Was Not Made for Us

Lucretius, De Rerum Natura 174-181

“When people pretend that gods made everything
For them, they appear to have wandered off
From true reason in every possible way.

For while I might be ignorant of the first beginnings,
I would still dare to assert from heaven’s basic traits
–And to show as well from many other things–
That the nature of the universe was not divinely made
For us, because its faults are just too great.”

…. quorum omnia causa
constituisse deos cum fingunt, omnibu’ rebus
magno opere a vera lapsi ratione videntur.
nam quamvis rerum ignorem primordia quae sint,
hoc tamen ex ipsis caeli rationibus ausim
confirmare aliisque ex rebus reddere multis,
nequaquam nobis divinitus esse creatam
naturam mundi: tanta stat praedita culpa

Map of the observable universe. From left to right the known celestial bodies are arranged according to their proximity to the Earth. In the right border we find the most distant objects observed that are GRBs, quasars, galaxies and the cosmic microwave background radiation.
Pablo Carlos Budassi, “Map of the Observable Universe”

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