Poisoned Flowers – Your Bees Will Buzz No More

Quintilian, Declamation XIII

“The action is for a loss given through intentional injury. A poor man and a rich man were neighbors with conjoined gardens. The rich man had flowers in his garden, the poor man had bees. The rich man complained that his flowers were being plucked at by the poor man’s bees. He ordered that the poor man move the bees, but when he did not transfer them, the rich man sprinkled his flowers with poison. All of the poor man’s bees died.”

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Damni per iniuriam dati sit actio. Pauper et dives in agro vicini erant iunctis hortulis. habebat dives in horto flores, pauper apes. questus est dives flores suos decerpi ab apibus pauperis. denuntiavit, ut transferret. illo non transferente flores suos veneno sparsit. apes pauperis omnes perierunt.

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