A Petronian Commencement Valediction

Petronius, fr. 31 [Anth. Lat. 468 R. = 466 SB = fr. 34 B.=]

“Youth, depart your home for foreign strands–
You are meant for greater things.
Endure misfortunes! Then distant springs
The North wind, Egypt’s eternal lands
And those who see the sun rise and fall
will come to recognize you for who you are.
Be a greater Ithakan on unknown sands.”

linque tuas sedes alienaque litora quaere,
iuvenis; maior rerum tibi nascitur ordo.
ne succumbe malis; te noverit ultimus Hister,
te Boreas gelidus securaque regna Canopi
quique renascentem Phoebum cernuntque cadentem.
maior in externas Ithacus descendat harenas.

One thought on “A Petronian Commencement Valediction

  1. Great sentiment, and I’m glad to see that “Petronian” here doesn’t mean “bind up your wounds and give a bit more drunken advice, then bleed out a little more.”

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