Which Road to Hell?

Epictetus. Disc 2. 6.17-19

 “But if you say these things are annoying, what annoyance does the thing that existed experience in perishing? The tool of destruction is a blade, a wheel, the sea, a tile, or a tyrant. What does it matter to you what road you take to hell? All the paths there are equal in the end.

εἰ δ᾿ ὡς δύσκολα καλεῖς, ποίαν δυσκολίαν ἔχει τὸ γενόμενον φθαρῆναι; τὸ δὲ φθεῖρον ἢ μάχαιρά ἐστιν ἢ τροχὸς ἢ θάλασσα ἢ κεραμὶς ἢ τύραννος. τί σοι μέλει, ποίᾳ ὁδῷ καταβῇς εἰς Ἅιδου; ἴσαι πᾶσαί εἰσιν.

Miniature from the Hours of Catherine of Cleves, Morgan Library & Museum, MS M.945, f. 107r

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