“Glad You Like Greek – Now Where Are My F**king Books?”

Lorenzo Valla, Epistolae (6):
Lorenzo Valla gives his greetings to that exceptional man Giovanni Tortelli
I have received news that you are wondrously dedicated to Greek literature, which is exceptionally pleasing news to me. I hope, for our friendship, that you will be a totally singular man in the humanities, as even in other arts. But more about this at another time. I am writing to you now in haste wishing to be informed whether you returned my books to my brother, or whether you still have them with you? This way I’ll know who I can run to when the need arises. Farewell.

Accepi te mirifice deditum litteris grecis, quod mihi pergratum est. Pro nostra amicitia spero te singularem virum fore in studiis humanitatis, ut et in ceteris artibus. Sed hec alias. Nunc per festinantiam scribo volens abs te certior fieri an libros meos fratri meo reddideris,?an? tecum retinueris, ut sciam, quando opus erit, ad quem possem recurrere. Vale.

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