Drinking Etiquette For the Impeachment Blues

Anacreon Fr. 2

I don’t care for the man
who talks about strife,
and about fights that make you cry,
while he’s drinking his wine
right by the full mixing bowl.
instead, give me the man
who mixes the splendid gifts
of Aphrodite with those of the Muses
and reminisces about darling good times.

Phocylides Fr. 11

it’s only right that when men get together to drink and talk,
and the wine cups are going around,
you sit there peaceably and drink your wine,
and you make small talk, pleasantly.

Anacreon 2:

οὐ φιλέω, ὃς κρητῆρι παρὰ πλέωι οἰνοποτάζων
νείκεα καὶ πόλεμον δακρυόεντα λέγει,
‘aλλ’ ὅστις Μουσέων τε καὶ ἀγλαὰ δῶρ᾽ ᾽Αφροδίτης
συμμίσγων ἐρατῆς μνήσκεται εὐφροσύνης.

Phocylides Fr.11:

χρὴ δ᾽ ἐν συμποσίῳ κυλίκων περινισομενάων
ἡδέα κωτίλλοντα καθήμενον οἰνοποτάζειν.

Larry Benn has a B.A. in English Literature from Harvard College, an M.Phil in English Literature from Oxford University, and a J.D. from Yale Law School. Making amends for a working life misspent in finance, he’s now a hobbyist in ancient languages and blogs at featsofgreek.blogspot.com.

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