Annual Atopia: The Not Top 10

Here are the posts that didn’t quite make the top 10 but we loved anyway. See here for 2019’s list, followed by 2018, and 2017.

  1. The Second Best of the Achaeans? Introducing the NANAIHBit seems like a decade ago that we ran a multiweek bracket for the “non-Achilles Non-Atreid Iliadic Hero Bracket. Follow the recaps, the outcome was the right one.
  2. We’ve Been Doing This for 10 years: A Personal History of Sententiae AntiquaeA longer essay telling the story of this blog.
  3. Keep Your Hands Clean With this One Easy trick!thematic silliness on unclean hands for no particular reason
  4. Stoicism is BullshitSure, Erik’s post sounds like mere clickbait, but Bartolomeo Scala has something to say in his Dialogue of Consolation §19
  5. Re-use Suggestions for Toppled Statuesagain, nothing at all topical in suggesting that statues of historical criminals be turned into chamberpots…
  6. “Full of Ticks and Fleas”: The Odyssey and a Life of Pets-A personal reflection on living with and losing pets
  7. Civilization and its Dissed ContentsErik spits some fire on conservatism, the Medici, and reckless punditry
  8. A Life of Readingin a moment of repose from before the break of the pandemic, Erik reflects on reading every day.

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