At Least Try to Enjoy Xenophon

James Boswell, Memorandum Friday, October 7th 1763:

You go on charmingly. Be steady and firm. You have told Brown your story, and he will assist you. Begin on Sunday to dine with him. If you please, and the day is good, put on scarlet and gold, and please humour with cockade. Send today for book of maps and read Xenophon with more pleasure. Make commonplace-book of a quire, but don’t bind it. Do like Castillon; mark where different subjects are to be found. Extract from Tacitus, Ovid, Xenophon, Voltaire, and so pick up treasure as you go on. Push scheme of Society. You must allow three hours every evening for amusement. Six hours are enough a day for labour.

James Boswell - Wikipedia

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