No Temples for Two Gods

Livy, ab Urbe Condita 27.25:

One religious matter after another occurred to Marcellus’ mind and kept hold of him. Among these was the fact that when in the Gallic War he had promised a temple to Honor and Virtue near Clastidium, its dedication was held up by the pontifices, because they denied that one temple could rightly be dedicated to more than one god, since if it were struck by lightning or if some prodigy occurred in it, the administrative response would be difficult, because it would not be possible to know to which god the propitiation should be offered, for it was not possible for one victim to be sacrificed to two gods unless it was certainly meant for both of them. And those temples were not in the end dedicated by him.

Roman Capriccio: The Pantheon and Other Monuments - Wikipedia

Marcellum aliae atque aliae obiectae animo religiones tenebant, in quibus quod cum bello Gallico ad Clastidium aedem Honori et Uirtuti uouisset dedicatio eius a pontificibus impediebatur, quod negabant unam cellam amplius quam uni deo recte dedicari, quia si de caelo tacta aut prodigii aliquid in ea factum esset difficilis procuratio foret, quod utri deo res diuina fieret sciri non posset; neque enim duobus nisi certis deis rite una hostia fieri. ita addita Uirtutis aedes adproperato opere; neque tamen ab ipso aedes eae dedicatae sunt.

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