FTS Week

As our society continues its accelerating and nightmarish descent to Hell, no refrain seems more particularly suited to the times than fuck this shit. Life has always been uncertain, and we all know that Horace told us not to ask what will happen tomorrow. But the very fact of a tomorrow has never been a more dubious proposition than it is today.

Against this backdrop of life’s brevity and uncertainty, it is hard not to feel compelled to re-evaluate one’s priorities. Do I *really* need to read Vergil, Caesar, or Cicero? Should I stay at my job? Does grammar really matter? What about other things like sleep, Greek particles, or zoology?

Over the years, we here at SententiaeAntiquae have posted a surprising number of “F**k X” posts. Whether from anomie, anger, or anxiety, you may wish to dismiss something in this world as unworthy of your limited time, but as the type of person who reads a classics blog, you may also wish that you had some venerable ancient quote at hand to lend an extra weight to that opinion. We will be attempting to meet this need with FTS Week, beginning with Augustine, who regrets the time he spent on Vergil and says F**k the Aeneid!


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