No Love for Aristotle

Mark Pattison, Memoirs

My father never professed any understanding of Aristotle, and had a very faint idea of Logic, as I discovered when he tried to read Aldrich with me. His favourite book was Aristophanes. He was one night caught by Hodson on the back of Cain and Abel, and being asked what he did there, replied, ‘ἀεροβατῶ καὶ περιφρονῶ τὸν ἥλιον.’* ‘Oh!’ cried Hodson, ‘it’s only Aristophanic Pattison!’

*”I am walking in the air and considering the sun!”

File:The clouds. A comedy. Translated from the Greek of Aristophanes. By Mr. Theobald. Fleuron T133837-3.png


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