Thinking Outside the Böck(s)

Gottfried Hermann, Praelectiones in Pindarum:

“One cannot deny that Böckh was the first of editors to set out upon the right path. For he understood correctly that there are different families of codices, of which one might be more and the other less interpolated; further, he understood that the Critic ought not to assign equal value to these, and he confirmed this idea by comparing the new codices which he had in great abundance. Nevertheless, he differs much more from his predecessors in the field of metrical study.”

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Non potest negari, Bockhium primum ex editoribus veram viam esse ingressum. Recte enim intellexit diversas esse codicum familias, quarum alia magis, alia minus interpolata sit, neque his aequum pretium concedendum esse a Crtitico, id quod novos, quorum erat ei copia, codices conferens confirmavit. Multo magis tamen a prioribus metri ratione differt.

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