Ain’t Much Pindar In Thar

Gottfried Hermann, Praelectiones in Pindarum:

In antiquity, Aristarchus and other grammarians of the Alexandrian school dealt with the writings of Pindar in such a way that they sometimes explained them, and sometimes corrected them according to grammatical and ethical principles which they had invented for themselves. We do not know how they did this, since many of their commentaries have been lost. But from this, the recension of these poems which we now have in our hands should not be considered to resemble what was written by Pindar, but rather, as it was interpolated by the corrections of the grammarians. Therefore, we must dig up the genuine parts, and toss out these inventions of the grammarians.

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Pindari scripta in antiquitate et Aristarchus et alii scholae Alexandrinae grammatici tractarunt, ita ut tum ea explicarent, tum ad grammatices et ethices, quam sibi finxerant, praecepta corrigerent. Quod quomodo fecerint, non cognitum habemus, cum pleraque ex eorum commentariis interierint. Hinc quam nunc in manu habemus horum carminum recensionem, ea non putanda est ita esse a Pindaro instituta, sed Grammaticorum correctionibus interpolata. Genuina ergo eruenda sunt, eiicienda haec Grammaticorum figmenta.

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