Some Lines on Obscenity

Cicero, De Oratore 2.252.4

“Obscenity, not only unworthy of the forum, but barely even worthy of a party of children.”

obscenitas, non solum non foro digna, sed vix convivio liberorum.


Propertius, Elegiae 2.6.27

“What hand painted those obscene tablets?”

quae manus obscenas depinxit prima tabellas  


Serv. G. 1.151   

“Rust is the vice of obscene lust, which is called ulcus.”

robigo est . . . vitium obscenae libidinis, quod ulcus vocatur.


Ovid, Amores 3.14.28

“Put on, with your tunics, a face which fears crime, and let your shame disavow the obscene work.”

indue cum tunicis metuentem crimina vultum,

  et pudor obscenum diffiteatur opus;


Ovid, Fasti 3.695:

“Nothing was more pleasing to Venus than this. For that reason, the ancient jokes and obscene songs are sung, and it helps her to have given words to the great god.”

nec res hac Veneri gratior ulla fuit.        

inde ioci veteres obscenaque dicta canuntur,     695

  et iuvat hanc magno verba dedisse deo.


Petronius, Satyricon 85.2.4:

“Whenever mention of the use of beautiful boys was made in that party, I grew so violently pale, and with such severe sorrow I did not wish my ears to be violated by obscene talk, that my mother especially looked upon me as one of the philosophers.”

quotiescumque enim in convivio de usu formosorum mentio facta est, tam vehementer excandui, tam severa tristitia violari aures meas obsceno sermone nolui, ut me mater praecipue tamquam unum ex philosophis intueretur.

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