F**k This Job, and F**k Classics Too!

John Wilson,

Letter of Resignation from Friend’s Latin School of Philadelphia:

“Is it not surprizing? Is it not monstrous? That Christian Children intended to believe and relish the Truths of the Gospel should have their early and most retentive years imbued with the shocking Legends and abominable Romances of the worst of Heathens and should be obliged to the Pimps of the detestable Lusts of Jupiter & Mars, attend the thefts & Villainy of Mercury, or follow Aeneas on his Murdering Progress, while the Actions and Sufferings of the great and worthy Propagators of our Holy Religion that Succeeded the Apostles are totally hid from their Eyes. Is Bacchus preferable to Ignatius, Apollo to Origin [sic] or will Helena and Clytemnestra yield an affecting Instruction or warm our Hearts with the Love of Virtue like the Virgin Martyrs & Heroines of Christian Story?”

Oxford_Bodleian_Canon._Class. _Lat257

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