Tawdry Tuesday Part II: A Shitty Diet

Poggio Bracciolini, Liber Facetiarum (260)

A witty response about a skinny man:

“A countryman of mine, a dear friend, is of an extremely frail and emaciated figure. When someone wondered at this and asked the cause, a jokester among us said, ‘Why are you wasting your time wondering about what is plain to see? He sits there and takes half an hour to eat; then he spends two hours on the toilet taking a shit.’ For indeed, it was his habit to demand quite a bit of time for relieving himself.”


De gracili quodam faceta responsio

Civis noster, mihi amantissimus, est admodum gracili corpore ac macilentus. Admirante quodam huius rei causam, facetus quidam: “Quid miraris” inquit “quod est in promptu? Semihoram quippe hic in cibo capiendo sedet: in secessu ad emittendum duas”. Mos enim illi est, ut plurimum temporis in purgando ventrem impertiat.

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