Love [Curse] Magic: Some Amatory Spells for Valentine’s Day

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DTA 78.

Άριστοκυδη και τας φανο(υ)μενας αυτῳ γυναικας μηποτ’ αυτον γημαι αλλην γυναι(κα) μηδε παιδα

“[I compel] Aristokydes and the women appearing with him. May he never marry another woman or maiden.”


Pl. 67, Inv. No. IL 952. Jordan (1985). Defixiones from a Well Near the Southwest Corner of the Athenian Agora.

…παραδιδωμι σοι Ιουλιανην, ην ετε[κεν Μαρκια,] και Πολυνεικον, ινα καταψυξῃς αυτου[ς και την γνω]μην και την στοργην και την συνηθειαν [αυτων, και αυ]τους ις τον ζοφωδη σου αερα και τους συν [αυτοις…

“I hand over to you Juliana, daughter of Markia, and Polynikos. May you cool them, and their intention and love and intimacy, and (keep) them and those with them in your dark air.


Audollent (1904), 227.

uratur Sucesa, aduratur amo(re) vel desideri(o) Sucesi

“Let Successa be lit afire and burn with love and desire of Successus.”


AE 1994, 1072.

Quintula cum Fortunali sit semel et numquam

“Let Quintula be with Fortunalis one time and never again.”


AE 2000, 1611.

os (hos?) opera, ritine mi(hi) Patelaria(m) Minor(em). Amor piger n(obis). Exc oficina magica…

“Work on this: keep Patelaria the Younger for me. Our love is slow. From your magic services…”


Audollent (1904), 231.

…εξ αχ διη οχ μομεντο…αμετ Μαρτιαλε(μ) ουτ ομμνι μουλιεβρι ωρας μ[ε] ιν μεντε αβεατ ετ τωτα(μ) διε(μ) ιν ανιμω αβεατ αμορε(μ) μεουμ…

“From this day, this moment, let her love Martialis, so that she thinks of me constantly during every womanly matter, and all day she has my love on her mind.”


Audollent (1904), 270.

αδιυρο ετ…περ μαγνουμ δεουμ ετ περ ανθεροτας…ετ περ εουμ χουι αβετ (habet) αρχεπτορεμ (accipitrem) σουπρα χαπουθ ετ περ σεπτεμ σθελλας, ουυτ εξ χουα ορα οχ σομποσυερο νον δορμιατ Σεξτιλλιος, Διονισιε φιλιους, ουραθουρ φουρενς νον δορμιαθ νεχουε (neque) σεδεατ νεχουε λοχουατουρ σεδ ιν μεντεμ αβιατ με Σεπθιμαμ Αμενε φιλια ουραθουρ φουρενς αμορε ετ δεσιδεριο μεο…

“I swear…by the great god, and by Anteros…and by him who holds the eagle over his head, and by the seven stars, so that from the moment I compose this, Sextilius, son of Dionysia, does not sleep; let him burn, raging, and not sleep, or sit, or speak. But let him have me, Septima, daughter of Amoenae, in his mind; let him burn, raging, with love and desire for me.”


Valentine's Fart

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