Thanksgiving Advice: Drink (Only) as Much as You Want!

Lucius Calpurnius Piso Frugi, Annales 8.1:

“They say that this same Romulus, when he was invited to dinner, did not drink much because he had business the next day. They said to him, ‘Romulus, if everyone drank like you, wine would be cheaper.’ Romulus responded to them, ‘Nay, it would be expensive if everyone drank as much as they desired – for I have drunk as much as I wanted.'”

Image result for ancient roman drinking

Eundem Romulum dicunt ad cenam uocatum ibi non multum bibisse, quia postridie negotium haberet. ei dicunt: ‘Romule, si istud omnes homines faciant, uinum uilius sit.’ his respondit: ‘Immo uero carum, si quantum quisque uolet, bibat, nam ego bibi quantum uolui.’

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