Nasal-Clitoral Relations

Antonio Beccadelli, Hermaphroditus, VIII

“If a lot of nose tends to be a sign of lot of clitoris, then Ursa’s clitoris must stretch all the way down to her feet. Yet, if a lot of clitoris be a sign of an ample nose, Ursa, then your nose stretches all the way to your knees.

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8. de Ursae tentigine et naso
Si multus multae est nasus tentiginis index,
Ursae tentigo tenditur usque pedes.
Quin si multa ampli nasi tentigo sit index,
Nasus ad usque tuum tenditur, Ursa, genu.

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    1. I have the I Tatti edition of Beccadelli and opened up to this poem. You could say that it was… right under my nose!

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