“No More Lecturing for Me!”

J.E. Sandys, A History of Classical Scholarship Vol. 3:

“As a school-master he [August Meineke] was a man of remarkable moral force and thoroughly religious spirit. He had a strong physique, a broad brow, prominent cheeks and thin lips. The quiet voice of his ordinary conversation rang out loud and strong, whenever he had occasion, as a master, to use the language of reprimand. His resignation of his mastership in 1856 was commemorated by the painting of his portrait, which was reproduced in lithograph with a line in his own hand-writing: οὐκ ἔστι κάλλος οἷον ἁλήθει’ ἔχει. In the first year of his retirement, he excused himself from lecturing in the university by humorously remarking: ‘if any one asks why I do not lecture, you have only to tell him that, after teaching for forty-one years, I have at last made up my mind to try and learn something myself’.”

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