Horatian Strongmen: Achilles and Augustus

Horace, Epistles 2.2:

“It fell to my lot to be brought up in Rome and to be taught how much the angry Achilles harmed the Greeks. Athens added a little bit more of the good art, at least enough to make me want to distinguish straight from curved and to seek the truth among the groves of Academus. But hard times moved me from that pleasing spot, and the tide of civil war brought me, an amateur, into arms which would not respond to the muscular grip of Augustus Caesar.”

Romae nutriri mihi contigit atque doceri
iratus Grais quantum nocuisset Achilles.
Adiecere bonae paulo plus artis Athenae,
scilicet ut uellem curuo dinoscere rectum
atque inter siluas Academi quaerere uerum.
Dura sed emouere loco me tempora grato
ciuilisque rudem belli tulit aestus in arma
Caesaris Augusti non responsura lacertis.

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