Every (Son) Has His Day: Telemachus’ Chance to Shine

Joannes Malalas, Chronographia, 5.21.5 =  Diktys BNJ 49 F 10.5

“Then, after that, when the family and friends of the suitors heard what had happened and they filled with rage, they attacked Odysseus and Telemachus in Ithaka. The companions of Odysseus and Telemachus took up arms with them and opposed them outside of the city. There was a great battle and the men who warred for the suitors died as Telemachus enjoyed an aristeia.”

μετὰ δὲ τοῦτο οἱ τῶν μνηστήρων ἴδιοι καὶ φίλοι ἀκηκοότες τὸ γεγονὸς καὶ θυμοῦ πλησθέντες ἐπιστρατεύουσι κατὰ ᾽Οδυσσέως καὶ Τηλεμάχου ἐν τῆι ᾽Ιθάκηι. οἱ δὲ περὶ ᾽Οδυσσέα καὶ Τηλέμαχον ὁπλισάμενοι ἀπαντῶσιν ἔξω τῆς πόλεως, καὶ γενομένης μάχης κραταιᾶς πίπτουσιν οἱ ὑπὲρ τῶν μνηστήρων πολεμήσαντες ἀριστεύοντος τοῦ Τηλεμάχου.

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Now I can be a real boy! (marginalia, Book of Hours)

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