Nocturnal Congress – In the Day!

Giovanni Pontano, Baiae 2.2:

“As you offered your soft lips to me in sleep, and I made a bad show of kissing them, streams of tears fell down your cheeks, and you bathed your face in all their moisture. As I wipe these tears from your dripping countenance and lick them now and then, you give my tongue a sneaky bite and crush it with your teeth. Then, mixing laughter with tears, you say, ‘Oh, these nocturnal games and fancies – we should make them real, and try them in the day.’ With these words, I call you and your promise to judgment. Here is my tongue – offer me your lips.”

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In somnis tenerum mihi labellum
Offers dum male, suaviorque utrunque,
Decursim lacrimae tibi exciderunt,
Et largo faciem madore tingis;
Atque has dum lacrimas madenti ab ore
Detergo simul et simul relingo,
Surreptim mihi mordicusque linguam
Exceptam rapis obterisque dente.
Mox risum lacrimis iocosque miscens:
“Haec nos ludicra imaginesque noctis,
Has, inquis, simul in die vicissim
Et veras faciamus et probemus.”
His te in iudicium voco fidemque:
En linguam tibi, porge mi labella.

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