Reading Aeschylus in Comfort

A.E. Housman, 

The Agamemnon of Aeschylus (Journal of Philology 16 [1888]):

“Thanks to Wecklein it is at length possible to study Aeschylus in comfort. Next to an accurate collation of the cardinal mss, a complete register of the conjectures of critics is the student’s prime requisite. Nothing short of a complete register will serve: no man can be trusted to sift good from bad: some editors do not know a correction when they see one, others through childish jealousy of this scholar or that ignore his discoveries, the most candid and the soundest judgment is human and errs. The time lost, the tissues wasted, in doing anew the brain work done before by others, and all for lack of a book like Wecklein’s Appendix, are in our brief irreparable life disheartening to think of.”

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