Hanging Out in the Garden

Jacques de Vitry, Exempla:

“I heard about another guy who had in his garden a tree from which two of his wives had hung themselves. One of his neighbors said to him, ‘My god, that’s a lucky tree, and it has a good omen. You know, I have the most awful wife. I beg you, could you give me a shoot off of your tree, so that I can plant it in my garden?'”

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De Arbore in Qua Se Suspendebant Mulieres

De quodam alio audivi, qui habebat arborem in horto suo, in qua duae eius uxores suspenderant semetipsas. Cui quidam eius vicinus ait: “Valde fortunata est arbor illa et bonum omen habet. Habeo autem uxorem pessimam; rogo te, da mihi surculum ex ea, ut plantem in horto meo.”

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