Twerking in the Renaissance

Antonio Beccadelli, The Hermaphrodite 1.36

Against Mattia Lupi, the Buttfucker – In Matthiam Lupium Paediconem

“While Lupius was sodomizing an uneducated young man, he said, ‘Yo, my sweet young man, move that ass!’ The youth responded, ‘I’ll do it if you can say it in one word!’ Lupius then retorted, ‘Twerk! – I’ve said it, now get it moving!'”

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Lupius indoctum dum paedicaret ephebum,
Dixit: « Io clunes, dulcis ephebe, move. »
Hic ait; — « Id faciam, verbo si dixeris uno. »
Ille refert: — « Ceve; diximus, ergo move. »

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