Lips, Eyeballs, Well-Formed Breasts: Everybody Knows the Rest

Dioscorides I (Greek Anthology 5.56):

“I am driven mad by those rose-red, discursive, soul-melting lips – the gateway of that nectar-sweet mouth; and those eyeballs darting under those bushy eyebrows – nets and traps for my affections; and those milky-white, well-joined, well-formed, voluptuous breasts, more delightful than every flower. But why am I showing bones to dogs? You reeds of Midas are witnesses of what happens to loquacity.”

᾿Εκμαίνει χείλη με ῥοδόχροα, ποικιλόμυθα,
ψυχοτακῆ, στόματος νεκταρέου πρόθυρα,
καὶ γλῆναι λασίαισιν ὑπ’ ὀφρύσιν ἀστράπτουσαι,
σπλάγχνων ἡμετέρων δίκτυα καὶ παγίδες,
καὶ μαζοὶ γλαγόεντες, ἐύζυγες, ἱμερόεντες,
εὐφυέες, πάσης τερπνότεροι κάλυκος.
ἀλλὰ τί μηνύω κυσὶν ὀστέα; μάρτυρές εἰσι
τῆς ἀθυροστομίης οἱ Μίδεω κάλαμοι.

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