Wisdom for Its Own Sake

Servatus Lupus, Epistulae  (1):

“Now, those who affect to learn anything are considered a burden; and the uncultured mob, looking up at the studious as though they were placed on some lofty eminence, will attribute anything blameworthy which they see not to mere human error, but to the quality of their studies. Thus, while some fail to earn the deserved palm of wisdom, others reverence an unworthy type of reputation, and leave off from an eminently noble pursuit. But to me, it is clear enough that wisdom should be sought for itself.”

Nunc oneri sunt qui aliquid discere affectant; et uelut in edito sitos loco studiosos quosque imperiti uulgo aspectantes, si quid in eis culpae deprehenderunt, id non humano uitio, sed qualitati disciplinarum assignant. Ita, dum alii dignam sapientiae palmam non capiunt, alii famam uerentur indignam, a tam praeclaro opere destiterunt. Mihi satis apparet propter se ipsam appetenda sapientia

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