Two Lovers, One Sheet

Asclepiades, 5.169:

“In summer, a drink of melted snow is sweet,
And sweet to sailors is the sight of the springtime Crown.
Yet it is sweeter still, when one sheet hides two lovers,
And both sing Aphrodite’s praise.”

῾Ηδὺ θέρους διψῶντι χιὼν ποτόν, ἡδὺ δὲ ναύταις
ἐκ χειμῶνος ἰδεῖν εἰαρινὸν Στέφανον·
ἥδιον δ’, ὁπόταν κρύψῃ μία τοὺς φιλέοντας
χλαῖνα καὶ αἰνῆται Κύπρις ὑπ’ ἀμφοτέρων.

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