Crocodile Advice: A Fable.

Phaedrus, 1.25: Dogs and Crocodiles.

Whoever gives cautious men wicked advice
Waste their time and are mocked as not so nice.
The story goes that dogs drank from the river Nile
But kept on running to avoid the crocodiles.
When a running dog began to take a sip
A crocodile said “give the time you need to your lips,
Don’t fear.” But the dog said, “By god, I confess,
I’d do it, if I didn’t know you wanted my flesh!”

Consilia qui dant prava cautis hominibus
et perdunt operam et deridentur turpiter.
Canes currentes bibere in Nilo flumine,
a corcodillis ne rapiantur, traditum est.
Igitur cum currens bibere coepisset canis,
sic corcodillus “Quamlibet lambe otio,
noli vereri”. At ille “Facerem mehercules,
nisi esse scirem carnis te cupidum meae”.



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