Toil in Youth, Pleasure in Old Age

Vergerio, de ingenuis moribus et liberalibus adulescentiae studiis, XXXII:

“In old age we may wish to be learned, but it is not an easy wish to follow up on, unless from the beginning of our lives we have prepared some learning for ourselves by study and effort. Therefore, we must in our youths prepare the solaces which are a delight in an honest old age. For those studies which are fraught with toil in youth become charming pleasures in old age.”

‘An Old Man Reading’ by Johann Hamza

Et in senectute quidem optare licet, consequi vero non facile, nisi ab initio aetatis studio laboreque nobis doctrinam paraverimus. Paranda sunt igitur in iuventute solatia quae honestam senectutem possint oblectare. Nam quae sunt iuventuti laboriosa studia, illa erunt iucunda otia senectuti.

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