Porson’s Pukey Poem

Epigram from Facetiae Cantabrigienses (London 1825)  pp.58-59

Porson, one day visiting his brother in law, Mr. P—-, who at that time lived in Lancaster Court, in the Strand, found him indisposed, and under the influence of medicine. On returning to the house of a common friend, he of course expected to be asked after the health of his relation. After waiting with philosophic patience, without the expected question being proposed, he reproached the company for not giving him the opportunity of giving the following answer, which he had composed in his walk:-

                “My Lord of Lancaster, when late I came from it,

                Was taking a medicine of names not a few;

                In Greek an emetic, in Latin a vomit,

                In English a puke, and in vulgar a sp-w.”

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