Pliny the Younger on Publishing

From Pliny’s Letters 1.2:

“Clearly, something must be published – ah, it would be best if I could just publish what I have already finished! (You may hear in this the wish of laziness.) But I must publish something for a number of reasons, chief of which is that the books which I have already sent out are still in people’s hands, though they no longer have that pleasing novelty about them. But perhaps the booksellers are just pouring flattery into my ears – well, let them pour away, since their lies help goad on my work. Farewell!”

Est enim plane aliquid edendum — atque utinam hoc potissimum quod paratum est! Audis desidiae votum — edendum autem ex pluribus causis, maxime quod libelli quos emisimus dicuntur in manibus esse, quamvis iam gratiam novitatis exuerint; nisi tamen auribus nostris bibliopolae blandiuntur. Sed sane blandiantur, dum per hoc mendacium nobis studia nostra commendent. Vale.

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