Ape Puts Wolf and Fox in Place (Fables)

Wolf, Fox with Ape as Judge, (Phaedrus 1.10)

Whoever once is known as a corrupt fake
Even if he tells the truth forfeits all faith.
This short Aesopic tale will prove the case.

A wolf was suing a fox for a sneaky scheme
She was denying she was near the scene.
Then an ape sat between them as a judge,
As both pleaded out their case and argued much.
The ape is said to have handed down this line:
Wolf, you don’t seem to have lost the things you seek.
But fox, I think you stole what you so cleverly deny.


wolf fox ape

Lupus et vulpes iudice simio.

Quicumque turpi fraude semel innotuit,
Etiam si verum dicit, amittit fidem.
Hoc attestatur brevis Aesopi fabula.
Lupus arguebat vulpem furti crimine;
Negabat illa se esse culpae proximam.
Tunc iudex inter illos sedit simius.
Uterque causam cum perorassent suam,
Dixisse fertur simius sententiam:
Tu non videris perdidisse quod petis;
Te credo surripuisse quod pulchre negas.

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