Day-Drinking and Night Words

Recently I tried to play neologist to make up for the absence of an attested Greek word for “day-drinking”

The results were close–but they shouldn’t have been, the second option really should have been ἡμερομεθύσος or ἡμερομεθύων. I had some nice suggestions. One correspondent suggested using helios compounds instead:

This is a great suggestion, but I was inspired by some extant Greek compounds using “Day”  instead of “sun”. (Although I was inspired by the exchange and another to create  ἡλιομεθύων, heliomethuôn “Sun-drunkard”).

Some day words:

ἡμερόβιος: hêmerobios, “living for a day”

ἡμερογράφος: hêmerographos, “diary-keeper” (lit. “day-writer”)

ἡμεροδρόμος: hêmerodromos: “day-runner”

ἡμερόκοιτος: hêmerokoitos, “day-sleeping”

ἡμεροσκόπος: hêmeroskopos, “day-watcher”

ἡμερόφυλαξ: hêmerophulaks, “day-guard”

ἡμερόφοιτος: hêmerophoitos, “day-wanderer”

ἡμερόφωνος: hêmerophônos, “welcoming the day”


But, we always need some night words too.

νυκτάκλωψ: nuktaklôps, “night-blindness”

νυκτεργασία: nuktergasia, “night-work”

νυκτιδρόμος: nuktidromos, “night-running”

νυκτιλάλος: nuktilalos, “night-chattering”

νυκτίβιος: nuktibios, “night-living”

νυκτινόμος: nuktinomos, “night-grazing”

νυκτιπλάγκτος: nuktiplangktos,  “night wandering”

νυκτιπλοία: nuktiploia “night-sailing”

νυκτογραφία: nuktigraphia “night-writing

νυκτoνηχόμενος: nuktonêkhomenos, “night-swimming”

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