3 thoughts on “Words, Words, Words: Dicta Catonis 10

  1. And the less said about them, the happier you’d be. Don’t waste words, to them or about them…

    1. Sorry for my comment without explanation. I thought it might be fun to look at the solution for the above from another cultural perspective (Japanese).

      【黙殺】silence + kill
      ignore; take no notice of

      There is another word with a similar meaning
      【無視】no + see
      ignore; disregard; pay no attention

      The common element for both words is to treat something as if it does not exist.
      The difference between them are these.
      1. The top one is used only for fellow human beings, while the bottom one could be used for others, such as inanimate objects, ideas, rules, etc.
      2. The top one is often more severe in sentiment than the bottom one.

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