Bentley and the License of Dead Languages

“This colloquial manner, with its alternating appeals to author and reader, in one instance exposed Bentley to an unmerited rebuke from Dr. Monk. Once, after triumphantly showing that John of Antioch supposed the Boeotian Aulis to be in Scythia, Bentley exclaims, ‘Good, indeed, Johnny!’ (Euge vero, ὧ Ίωαννίδιον!) Dr. Monk thought that this was said to Dr. John Mill, and reproved it as ‘an indecorum which neither the familiarity of friendship nor the license of a dead language can justify toward the dignity of the Head of a House.'”

-R.C. Jebb, English Men of Letters: Bentley, pp.16-17 (Harper and Brothers 1902)

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