Some Monday Erotica: Ovid, Amores 1.5.17-26

CAVE LECTOR: This passage is a bit on the prurient side!

“As she stood before my eyes with her dress put aside, there was no blemish anywhere upon her body. Ah, what arms I saw and touched! How the form of her breasts begged to be touched! What a smooth stomach under her tight chest! Ah, what hips, what thighs! But why should I relate these things one-by-one? I saw nothing that didn’t deserve praise, and I pressed her naked body to mine. Who doesn’t know the rest of the story? We both lay there exhausted. I hope that I have many more afternoons like this!”

ut stetit ante oculos posito velamine nostros,
in toto nusquam corpore menda fuit.
quos umeros, quales vidi tetigique lacertos!
forma papillarum quam fuit apta premi!               20
quam castigato planus sub pectore venter!
quantum et quale latus! quam iuvenale femur!
Singula quid referam? nil non laudabile vidi
et nudam pressi corpus ad usque meum.
Cetera quis nescit? lassi requievimus ambo.               25
proveniant medii sic mihi saepe dies!

3 thoughts on “Some Monday Erotica: Ovid, Amores 1.5.17-26

  1. Now this might make a Victorian blush–and I wouldn’t recite it to my mother–but it is positively tame compared to, say, a poem about a certain Gellius by Catullus….

    1. Hah, nice speculation! You know that I don’t go in for all of that amor vincit omnia b.s.!

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