The Ideal Student: Quintilian, Institutio Oratoria 1.3.6-8

“Let him then consider how the spirit of the learner is to be handled. There are some who, unless you loom over them, are slackers; others chafe at authority; fear keeps some in check, but it debilitates others; constant effort is useful for some, but for others, a sudden impetus is needed. Give me the child who is excited by praise, who revels in glory, and who would weep if outdone. He will be nourished by ambition; censure will bite him deep; the prospect of honor will goad him on, and I will never fear laziness in him.”

…perspiciat deinceps quonam modo tractandus sit discentis animus. sunt quidam, nisi institeris, remissi, quidam imperia indignantur, quosdam continet metus, quosdam debilitat, alios continuatio extundit, in aliis plus impetus facit. Mihi ille detur puer quem laus excitet, quem gloria iuvet, qui victus fleat. Hic erit alendus ambitu, hunc mordebit obiurgatio, hunc honor excitabit, in hoc desidiam numquam verebor.

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