Three Dramatic Fragments from Naevius: Money, Swords and Testicles

Fabulae Palliatae (Comedies in Greek Dress) — Agitatoria (The Driver)

“I have always valued and much preferred freedom to money”

…Semper pluris feci ego
Potioremque habui libertatem multo quam pecuniam

Tragedy: Hesiona (Herakles)

Herakles: “May I not seem to pursue my cause with tongue instead of sword”

Ne mihi gerere morem videar lingua verum lingula!”

Comedy: Testicularia (A Play About Testicles)

“No! The ones we’ve cut off, I’ll chop up and throw away”

Immo quos scicidimus conscindam atque abiciam.

Naevius? A poet from between the first two Punic Wars who ended up exiled to Tunisia. He was still making trouble with his epitaph!

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