Friendship: Herodotus, 5.24.3


“An intelligent and well-disposed friend is the finest of all possessions.”

κτημάτων πάντων ἐστὶ τιμιώτατον ἀνὴρ φίλος συνετός τε καὶ εὔνοος

2 thoughts on “Friendship: Herodotus, 5.24.3

  1. sententiaeantiquae

    I wouldn’t expect Herodotus to be so sentimental. Where are the gold-digging ants and temple prostitutes? Is this from a conversations between a gold-digging and a temple prostitute?

    1. palaiophron

      It’s from a conversation between Darius and Histiaeus. It’s fairly typical of the sententious claptrap that kings and tyrants were wont to express as a reaction to the hard living conditions of an all-powerful monarch.

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