Gaisford, Liddell, and a Motto for Any Library

“Scott and Liddell had been appointed by the Dean to the post of Sub-Librarian, and had thus access to the splendid collection of books, pictures, and engravings contained in the College Library. In making the appointment Gaisford advised Liddell to make himself well acquainted with the contents of the Library, referring with gusto to the motto which he had seen over Bishop Cosin’s library at Durham: Nosse bonos libros non minima pars est bonae eruditionis.* This phrase Liddell used in after-days to quote when himself appointing students to the same honourable post.”

* (To know good books is not the least part of sound erudition.)

-Henry L. Thompson, Henry George Liddell: A Memoir (New York: Henry Holt and Co.) pp. 25-26

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  1. Why can’t I be a Sub-Librarian! I could either work underwater or walk around bent over and grunting, possibly while dressed in animal skins and carrying a club.

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