3 thoughts on “The Glass Ceiling in Antiquity: Herodotus 1.93

  1. Can you talk about πορνεύονται little more? The etymology of the word, I am curious of. Thanks. Janet Mayragul

  2. I was just going to comment on that – the etymology if the word. Both in the Greek and Latin the word ‘porne’ meant ‘for sale,’ as in sexual favors, hence the translation. However, the verb you point out is a Present Middle/Passive Indicative, which meant the daughters of the Lydians were either selling themselves for money for their own benefit or were made to sell themselves, probably by their fathers. It may be that prostitution had a ritualistic connotation in Lydia. Examples of such behavior exist in the Ancient World after all.

    1. Thank you! This brings another issue then, being a virgin is not a virtue. As you said, examples of such rituals existed in Ancient Greece.

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