Sophocles, Ajax, 110-12

Ajax:          He will die only after his back runs crimson from my whip.

Athena:       Nay, do not so maltreat this man, as though you felt no shame.

Ajax:          Pray, Athena, I shall entrust all other things to you,

but this, and no other, is the penalty he will pay.

ΑΙ.        Μάστιγι πρῶτον νῶτα φοινιχθεὶς θάνῃ.

ΑΘ.        Μὴ δῆτα τὸν δύστηνον ὧδέ γ’ αἰκίσῃ.

ΑΙ.        Χαίρειν, ᾿Αθάνα, τἄλλ’ ἐγώ σ’ ἐφίεμαι,

κεῖνος δὲ τείσει τήνδε κοὐκ ἄλλην δίκην.

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