History of Apollonius of Tyre, Chapter 28


While all of this was going on, Apollonius sped his course with great grief but divine favor to Tharsus, where he descended from the ship and sought the home of Stranguillo and Dionysias. When he had saluted them, he explained his misfortunes with grief and said, “As much as I bewail the loss of my wife, so much consolation do I find in my daughter. Therefore, my most holy patrons, since I have no desire to retake my own throne now that my wife is dead, nor would I like to return to my father in law after losing his child at sea, but I shall become a merchant, so I entrust my daughter to you. Raise her with your own daughter, and educate her with a good and simple spirit; let her take the name Tharsia from this country. Furthermore, I commend to you my wife’s nurse Lycoris and ask that she bring up and guard my daughter.”

Once he said these things, he gave them gold and silver and even some costly clothes. He then entered bravely upon the plan of not cutting his beard or hair or nails until he gave away his daughter in matrimony. They were amazed that he had made such a solemn oath, and they themselves promised to bring up the girl with the utmost faith. Apollonius, then, once his daughter had been entrusted to them, ascended the ship and sought the deep sea, on which he came to the unknown and far-flung lands of Egypt.

28 Inter haec Apollonius cum navigat ingenti luctu, gubernante deo applicuit Tharsos, descendit ratem et petivit domum Stranguillionis et Dionysiadis. Qui cum eos salutavisset, omnes casus suos eis dolenter exposuit et ait: “Quantum in amissam coniugem flebam, tantum in servatam mihi filiam consolabor. Itaque, sanctissimi hospites, quoniam ex amissa coniuge regnum, quod mihi servabatur, nolo accipere neque reverti ad socerum, cuius in mari perdidi filiam, sed fungar potius opera mercatus, commendo vobis filiam meam: cum filia vestra nutriatur et eam cum bono et simplici animo suscipiatis atque patriae nomine eam cognominetis Tharsiam. Praeterea et nutricem uxoris meae nomine Lycoridem vobis commendo pariter et volo, ut filiam meam nutriat atque custodiat.”

His dictis tradidit infantem, dedit aurum, argentum et pecunias nec non et vestes pretiosissimas, et iuravit fortiter nec barbam nec capillos nec ungues dempturum, nisi prius filiam suam nuptui traderet. At illi stupentes, quod tam graviter iurasset, cum magna fide se puellam educaturos promittunt. Apollonius vero commendata filia navem ascendit altumque pelagus petens ignotas et longinquas Aegypti regiones devenit.

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