Ausonius, 126: Another on Eunus in the Bedroom

“Lilly, Irene, Cassie and Karl; if you write out these names, and take the first letter of each, you can form the word which describes what you do, master Eunus! But I can’t mention something so scandalous in Latin.”

Λαὶς, Ἔρως et Ἴτυς Χείρων, et Ἔρως  Ἴτυς alter,

Nomina si scribis, prima elementa adime,

Ut facias verbum, quod facis, Eune magister.

Dicere me Latium non decet opprobrium.

A recent post about another Ausonian epigram, addressed to he same Eunus, may help elucidate the joke a little bit.

5 thoughts on “Ausonius, 126: Another on Eunus in the Bedroom

    1. The man did know how to render some good raunchy jokes in verse, but only a small percentage of his total output consists of cunnilingus poems!

  1. Well I am an innocent here so I looked up λειχω in Liddell & Scott. Nothing untoward here but a few definitions up I can see λειχαζω = λειχω: sensu obscoeno, = Lat. fellare

    Like Ausonius, L & S won’t mention anything so scandalous in English but they can do in Latin.

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